Chelsea Struggles with Transfer Ban said ibcbet

Chelsea starting the Premier League with many problems, said ibcbet. Chelsea was defeated by Manchester united 4-0 and held in a draw against Leicester City. In UEFA Supercup Final, the Blues also lost after penalty shootouts. The new Chelsea coach, Frank Lampard haven’t brought any single win to his team. As a top tier team in Premier League, this is embarrassing. But as Chelsea just got a new coach, left by many players including Eden Hazard, and got a transfer ban, these results are reasonable, Chelsea fans have to accept the reality with an open heart, said ibcbet.

Eden Hazard Departure said ibcbet

Eden Hazard is one of the Chelsea key Players. Starting his debut in 2012, Hazard had scored 85 goals in the premier league for Chelsea, only defeated by Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba., who had scored 99 goals. His attack is sharp and quick, opponents always find the struggle to stop him from penetrating the defense line. Lampard expressed that it pretty much impossible to replace the Belgian player, no one could fill his role as he gone, said ibcbet.

Hazard and Mata were both irresistible relationships. The duet always troubled the opponent’s backs. Mata confessed the amazement and convenience for working with him by saying that Hazard possesses the pace, quality, vision, touch, skills, and always chooses the right option. Mata expressed that having a duet with Hazard is fun and easy.

But Eden Hazard was transferred into Santiago Bernabeu by the price of hundred million euro. He was plotted to fill the role of Christiano Ronaldo in the Los Blancos. Eden Hazard was happy with this decision, he confessed that it was his childhood dream to play with Real Madrid, said ibcbet.

Beside Eden Hazard, Chelsea also loses some of its key players like Alvaro Morata and David Luiz. David Luiz, who performed well when defeating Arsenal in Europe League Final, is now moving into its London Derby Rival, Arsenal. Morata, who had been rumored to join Real Madrid, had signed to play on Atletico Madrid. These loss of key players, will make the struggle to keep competing in the Premier League harder.

Transfer Ban

Losing a player would not be a big problem if Chelsea could buy another player. But the case is Chelsea cannot buy another player until the next summer because FIFA struck down a transfer ban. Chelsea was violating the Regulation on the Status and Transfer of Players. Specifically, Chelsea breached Article 19 with 29 minors. FIFA also put down six hundred Swiss Francs fine to the Chelsea, while The Blues have about three months to regularize the situation. FIFA also fined the Football Association, the English governing body, five hundred and ten thousand Swiss Francs for allowing such things to happen, said ibcbet.

Jose Mourinho claimed that the transfer embargo helps Lampard from stressing out. The restriction to recruit new player releases the pressure of high hope. The fact that Chelsea could not have new player make the idea that Chelsea would not have good performance is understandable and acceptable. Lampard is free from the expectation of the fans and the Chelsea president because he had transfer ban as a solid excuse, said ibcbet.

Despite that, Lampard still believes that the team still could compete well. Lampard put a belief in the young player that Chelsea would come back to its glory. Lampard forbids the players to discuss the transfer ban and blaming, and instructs to focus on what they can do for the team.

Lampard strategy.

Many Analysts recall the Chelsea play style under Lampard portrays a basketball club. Lampard requested all of his backs to go forward. it was a good strategy of ball possession, at some circumstances. But the problem comes when the fast break attack come. Unlike basketball court, the football field is three times bigger, makes the player hard to intercept counter-attack if all the backs are upfront. The new Chelsea is also being complained to lack of coordination. The blame is not only for the Lampard but also for the players, especially the backs. Analysts see them being too naïve to interpret the Lampard command as it is. They should understand some circumstances where they should support up front without letting the defense hollow.

It’s still the beginning Chelsea doesn’t lose the hope yet. The Premier League is far from over. Supporter believes Lampard and his squad still could give out the best.