Top Sponsor Brands in the World of Football by agensbobet888

Football as one of the most popular sports in the world has attracted big companies to become a sponsor in football matches, football teams and famous football players, said agensbobet888. For them giving sponsorship is important to advance their business. Sponsorship is not only important for the development of football in the world, but also is one of the marketing strategies to provide benefits to a company. However, who are the largest sponsors in the world of football? Here are the top 4 sponsors in the world of football, said agensbobet888.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola has partnered with FIFA since 1974 and has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 1978. In 2005, FIFA and Coca Cola agreed to extend their partnership until 2022. Coca Cola’s support is not only limited to funding in FIFA World Cup tournaments, but Coca Cola also plays an active role in supporting the organization of FIFA activities throughout the world. This partnership not only benefits FIFA but also benefits Coca Cola. It was reported that Coca Cola’s revenue jumped 6.4% in 2018 due to the World Cup event, said agensbobet888.


Nike, an American Company is not only famous for giving support to big football clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United, but this brand also embraces world soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Nike is considered very generous to talented football players. For example, Nike even dared to give a lifetime endorsement contract to Cristiano Ronaldo worth USD 1 billion. Nike itself is not only keen to see the profit opportunities that result from sponsoring football clubs and talented football players, but they also see profit opportunities by sponsoring a country’s national football team. Nike and the French Football Federation signed a new contract worth EUR 50 million to supply the national team kit in 2018-2026. The value of this contract is equivalent to the value of the contract signed between Adidas and the German Football Federation, stated by agensbobet888.


Adidas, a German company, has been an inseparable part of the FIFA World Cup since 1970. Football as the most popular sport in the world has become a business priority for Adidas. Adidas for 40 years has been developing sports apparel technologies, so they can support soccer players in various football matches. Adidas dedication to the world of football also cannot be separated from their support and close relationship with world football players, including Leo Messi, Paul Pogba and James Rodriguez. In 2013, Adidas also announced that they would extend sponsorship agreement with FIFA until 2030. This agreement will certainly benefit Adidas because they will have the right to advertise their products with the theme of the world cup and boost their revenues. Adidas itself claims that the World Cup 2018 has increased their profit. Besides being an official sponsor of the World Cup, Adidas is also active in sponsoring other FIFA activities, such as the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup Brazil, FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, and many other activities, said agensbobet888.


Barclay Banks as a British bank has been a sponsor for the Premier League since 2001. The reason why Barclay Bank becomes a sponsor for the Premier League is very rational. The Premier League as a football league is very well known in the world, so Barclay’s decision to become a sponsor for the league will be able to promote their brand worldwide. In 2018 it was reported that Barclays had extended sponsorship deal with the Premier League until 2022 with value of the deal is about USD 40 billion or 15% higher than the previous deal. In 2019 it was reported that the Premier League broke record revenues, which was about USD 6.4 billion. This achievement is certainly inseparable from the role of sponsors such as Barclay, which is one of the largest banks in the UK. Aside from being a sponsor of the Premier League, Barclay also sponsors various football activities in Africa, such as Absa Premiership. Barclay’s sponsorship in Africa is also expected to encourage the development of football in Africa, said agensbobet888.

Football is not just a game or entertainment, but soccer plays an important role to drive the wheel of business and economy. Meanwhile, the presence of sponsors in soccer is needed so that soccer can continue to grow.